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Semester 01, 2013 - Edition 10

This Week
31 May 2013

Lead Article Photo Biodiversity Lost to Climate Change


A recent study has revealed WA’s southwest could lose dramatic levels of biodiversity if a significant effort isn’t made to curb climate change.

Species rich areas showed major decline by 2080, if carbon emissions weren't drastically reduced, according to the paper published in Nature Climate Change on May 13. read article »

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A - Power, Politics & Money
Pressure on State Government to fund half of the Swan Valley Bypass – Is the new-look republican debate just a wedge ? - A couple’s faith in cannabis questioned - WA mining boom not helping all – Young people make the laws in the YMCA Youth Parliament Program - and business is booming for NT croc farmers
B - Science, Tech & Medicine
Australia to fund Antarctic research - Diet mixers with alcohol might make you drunker - Robotic technology could save manufacturing in Australia -Climate change endangering WA’s biodiversity - ABS launches new health research into Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities – and we explore the debate about scientific animal testing
C - Arts, Theatre, Food & Travel
Local Sandalwood artist seeking inspiration in India - and Perth's International Burlesque festival and tour, coming soon with sparkle - and an ECU graduate captures children's animal imaginings for a Joondalup Mural
D - Music: Sounds of Perth
Bruno Mars touring Australia in 2014 - 30 Seconds to Mars playing Perth in August - Aussie band Ball Park Music touring Australia - The Capitol in Perth welcoming hip-hop sensations Earlwolf - and a restoration of an Australian classic video clip
E - Sport & Fitness
The tragic death of British Olympic champion Andrew “Bart” Simpson - the government’s fight against race fixing - Aussie surfer Tyler Wright just having fun and WA AFL disappointed on attendance.