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Semester 01, 2012 - Edition 08

This Week
18 May 2012

Lead Article Photo Persecution in Paradise - South Moluccas want an end to their occupation


Indonesia: known for sand, surf and sun. Not so well known, is that it is a nation in turmoil; persecuting, torturing and victimising its own citizens.

Last month activists from South Molucca went across the globe to Los Angeles to call attention to human rights violations by Indonesian government forces. read article »

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A - Power, Politics & Money
The not so nice side of Indonesia – Tradies cash in on the good times – Perth Teens are taught what it is to P.A.R.T.Y – Rates are set to rise for Rockingham – More psychologists for WA schools – And a campaign amends WA’s double jeopardy law
B - Science, Tech & Medicine
Insects to join the Australian diet? – Shisha: More harmful than cigarettes – How to avoid the flu this winter – Can water make you stronger? – Does alcohol advertising make you drink more ? – And a marine biologist warns that shark deterrents could be harmful to sharks
C - Arts, Theatre, Food & Travel
Carly Vasso, a WA artist is finding success – Slow Food countering fast food – Ayako Goto pays a silky tribute to her family at KULCHA – The Good Food and Wine Show hosts culinary celebrities – And Northbridge Piazza rescuing the area’s reputation.
D - Music: Sounds of Perth
S Club '90s bop is back – We review the Quakers - Bastardfest metal at the Civic in October - David Campbell is going retro in Perth tonight - We chat to the Infidels - And it's WAMi time again
E - Sport & Fitness
Funding for Netball Australia’s new home in Melbourne – Bayern Munich and Chelsea will battle it out in tomorrow night’s UEFA Champions League Final – Australian men’s hockey team gears up for London 2012 Olympics – And Scarborough Beach to host 2014 Surf Championships