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Semester 02, 2008 - Edition 07

This Week
10 October 2008

Lead Article Photo Emissions Trading? For Sure! But what is it?


The Federal Government has launched a $14 million advertising campaign to create awareness of climate change. According to Newspoll, more than two thirds of voters support emissions trading. But at the same time, only 39 per cent of voters say they actually understand what emissions trading is.

"With temperatures rising, water more scarce and economists warned to protect our economy, we must act now. We're developing a carbon pollution reduction scheme to tackle climate change." These are the words of the government's multi-million dollar Think Climate, Think Change advertising blitz. read article »

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Attention: Hard Hitting News
This week we look into rising rates of HIV infections. New Labor leader Eric Ripper says he's ready to govern. We have tips on keeping your life eco-friendly. Telstra workers reject a new contract and $14 million goes into climate change awareness advertising.
Culture: What's happening?
Falling in love is happening faster with speed dating on the rise. Save petrol by riding to work on October 15. It’s charity time with the RSPCA street campaign and a Convoy for SIDS. Police crackdown on Spring in the Valley boozers; and Perth thinks it can dance!
ECU News and Features
The on-campus attacks by ducks raise questions. Get ready for the SCA Rock-n-Roll Prom on November 2. Entries are closing soon for the U Film Festival; A gym run by women for women is giving full body workouts; and ECU offers money to top students.
Music News and Reviews
WAAPA’s Plectra Guitar Ensemble astonishes audiences. Heavy metal band Carcass have reunited and raged in Perth. We check out the he Rosemount Hotel and the Universal Bar and get the first hand experience of volunteering at Parklife.
Science and Technology
Are games turning users into racist and violent people? Have we got the world's slowest internet? Research shows links between parent and child depression and a species of frog that scientists called extinct makes a comeback in Queensland.
Sport, Health and Wellbeing
Does Red Bull give you wings or heart disease? Mums who love the wind, water and waves should join Surfing Mums; and WA will host the Australian National Polocrosse Championships for the first time in 12 years.