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Counter-terrorism specialists needed
By: Nina RUUD

Published: 15/09/2006

Counter-Terrorism is a current issue all over the world and new ways to fight terrorism are constantly revealed. Have you ever wanted to be a part of this battle and make a difference in the world? Well, now you can!

Last Friday, ECU launched a new Bachelors Degree Program called Counter-Terrorism, Security and Intelligence.

At first sight it may seem like ECU is trying to train new CIA agents, and Senior Intelligence lecturer Wayne Snell was worried that the degree's title would make people sceptical about the new program.

Worrying was unnecessary; there was only positive attitude at the launch, mainly because the degree is very broad.

The course is designed as a cross-university degree, and you can choose to major in Security Management, Computer Science, Cultural Studies or Criminology.

The purpose of the degree is to prepare students for the new world. They learn to prevent, control and react to issues and affairs, which are damaging to individuals, organizations and nations.

The course combines risk management with security, basic knowledge of international relations, computer safety and prevention of terrorism, all within the counter terror arena.

"It's important to understand that we are targeting all kinds of terrorism, and we are not anti-Muslim," says Snell.

The key outcome with this degree is to educate people who can go straight into the field. Therefore, many of the units are practical.

The practical experiences include field trips to different companies and government sectors. During these field trips, you have to be prepared and able run a company for a day and handle crises scenarios.

You might also have to be "on-call" for an entire weekend and get up in the middle of the night to set-up a search for a "missing person".

To become a counter-terrorism specialist you should be multi-skilled and able to organize and lead in different fields, as well as provide expert proposals and planning.

There is a high demand for counter-terrorist specialists across all sectors. Mr Snell says that ECU was actually approached by the industry to create this Bachelors Degree, which is more targeted towards the analyst field rather than the technical field.

Both students and the media have shown great interest in this new Bachelors Degree, and Mr Snell expects to get a lot of applicants.

The Bachelors Degree of Counter-Terrorism, Security and Intelligence will be available both as a full-time and part-time study, at the ECU Joondalup campus, under the School of Engineering and Mathematics.

So, why should you choose to study "Counter-terrorism, security and Intelligence"? If you are interested in a different career that involves excitement, responsibility and protecting your nation, Mr Snell says that there are plenty of jobs out there for you. "It's not too late, enrolments close the 30th of September".