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Trendiest Way to Keep Fit
By: Kirstyn MCMULLAN

Published: 27/04/2012

Perth gyms are full of new ways to keep fit, so what makes pilates the trendiest option of them all, more so than Zumba, BoxFit and Bikram Yoga?

A combination of yoga, ballet and calisthenics, pilates builds strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone through stretching the body muscles and aligning the spine. It’s no surprise that many supermodels and dancers credit their toned bodies to pilates.

Trainer Joseph Pilates created pilates in the early 1900s to help injured athletes and dancers regain muscle strength and maintain fitness. The non-straining nature of pilates and its focus on improving balance and posture makes it perfect for people with injures.

Alison Robinson has been doing pilates for the past few months to gain strength back in her arms and legs after injury.

“It’s amazing how much movement and strength I have. The breathing techniques are hard but you really notice the improvement and I can build on that everyday,” she told 3rd Degree.

Pilates is partly inspired by yoga but makes a point of difference by using static postures that put the body into unstable postures, challenging the body by moving the limbs.

At Perth’s main pilates institute, Pilates Fitness Institute (PFI), they concentrate on a unique style of pilates which increases the effects of weight loss.

Anna Separovich from PFI said, “Power Pilates has increased cardio benefits due to its flowing and faster paced style. Due to the intensity of your workout with us, you will be burning plenty of kilojoules, which can result in fantastic weight loss results when teamed with a healthy diet.”

Surprisingly, pilates is as popular with men as with women, and Chris Judd, Hugh Grant and Brad Pitt are all big fans. PFI also work with footballers from the WA Football Commission.

“Men absolutely love our classes and are always surprised by how challenging pilates really is. Pilates is great for men, as initially they are often less flexible than women, which can often lead to imbalances in the body and possible back pain in the future. At PFI we have men training with us who are professional footballers, swimmers, cyclists, runners and even pro surfers” Ms Separovich said.

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