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ECU Google marketing challenge winners

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ECU Students Win Google Marketing Challenge

Published: 09/09/2011

Pitting themselves against teams from around the Asia/Pacific region, Edith Cowan University (ECU) marketing students came out on top in this year's Google Online Marketing Challenge.

Open to all students in higher education institutions, ECU's winning team in the Google Online Marketing Challenge worked with local natural soap company, Muddy Creek.

The members of the winning team were Joe Sorgiovanni, Yusuke Ogura, Zhe Pan and Elizabeth Fu.

Anthony Wirth, Managing Director of Muddy Creek said that the team helped them to think outside the box and increased their sales.

A Google Online Marketing Challenge semi-finalist for ECU, Gemma Bates, shares with us her experience of the challenge.

“The main hurdle was remembering we had a real client, with needs and a reputation. We weren't playing pretend, so acting like an actual marketing team who was accountable for all the successes and failures was hard,” she said.

“I was surprised! I knew we'd performed well, but didn't expect we'd be in the top 100. It was a fantastic feeling!”

Gemma was part of the team working for the local company Jay Heifetz Photography in Fremantle. Jay Heifetz praised them, saying it was a pleasure to work with such a professional and informative Google Challenge team.

Google Online Marketing Challenge co-coordinator for ECU, Katrina Hibbs, shared with 3rd Degree some of the benefits that she has seen in the university since the recent results of the challenge.

“Whilst ECU have always had an excellent reputation for producing quality Marketing, PR & Advertising graduates, ECU is now growing an international reputation for producing graduates with high quality online marketing skills. Subsequently, the demand for courses focusing on Google AdWords, social network advertising and related technologies is already growing fast.” Ms Hibbs said.

“With one in three of the ECU Google Challenge teams achieving international recognition as the Top 15 in Asia/Pacific, including the Asia/Pacific winners and three in the global Top 100, the 2011 ECU Google Online Marketing Challenge students have demonstrated how achievable this kind of international recognition is with some hard work.

“Students competing in the challenge had to find a client who has never used Google AdWords, or hadn't used it in the last 6 months. Then, Google allows the students US$200 which is used to buy ad words and space on Google. The campaign lasts three weeks and the main objective is to get as many clicks on the ads created by the students through to the website.

“This year’s competition results are amazing and are a credit to how committed the students were. The only thing is, to do better next year, we are just going to have to be the global champions. Look out California, here we come!” Ms Hibbs said.

“I would totally recommend it to other students. As long as you are focused and passionate about marketing then you will have a great experience and a high chance of winning,” said Gemma

If you think you're ready to pit your skills against students around the world, Google is currently taking pre-registrations for the 2012 challenge.