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Porongurup National Park National Heritage Listed

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New National Heritage Listings
By: Anthony HIGGINS

Published: 28/08/2009

Federal Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett, added four new sites to the National Heritage List earlier this month.

WA’s Porongurup National Park, Queensland’s Elizabeth Springs and South Australia’s Dalhousie Springs were all added, while another section of Tasmania’s historic Cascades Female Factory Women’s Prison was also listed.

The new sites bring the number of National Heritage listed areas and items to 86.

Mr Garrett said heritage listing was important for telling Australians about our history.

“To select sites like Dalhousie Springs, Porongurup National Park and sites of really great importance to Australia is done because our heritage is really important to us as Australians,” he said.

“It lets us know who we are as a people and gives us a sense of where we can go as well.”

To celebrate National Heritage, a new 10 week television mini-documentary series called Australia’s Heritage: National Treasures is currently being aired on the ABC.

The series was put together by Screen Australia and the Department of Environment, Heritage and the Arts in collaboration with the ABC.

Hosted by the Chaser’s Chris Taylor the series visits 10 of Australia’s most famous heritage sites and objects, including WA’s own Fremantle Prison and the Batavia shipwreck ruins, and provides an overview of their importance to our history.

Mr Garrett said the show would introduce a whole new generation of Australians to their country’s heritage.

“The series showcases the places, the objects and the stories that reveal the richness of Australia’s Indigenous, natural and historic heritage in an entertaining and easily accessible way,” he said.

“Making history accessible to Aussies, presenting it in a way which is entertaining and informative, is really, really important and this is going to be a fantastic series.”

The series also has an accompanying website, which offers users the opportunity to view episodes from the series, find the sites and objects discussed on maps and learn additional facts about them.

Australia's Heritage: National Treasures can be seen at 6.50pm Thursdays on ABC1.

For more information on WA's Porongurup National Park visit the Porongurup Promotion Association website.